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Coolflex Indigo Impression Mattress (£404.7)

The Coolflex indigo impression mattress has 7cm Visco elastic Cool Indigo Memory foam together with 5cm of Memory Foam The 7cm Visco elastic Cool Indigo Memory foam offers the same feel and pressure relieving properties as memory foam but without the heat discomfort The Coolflex indigo impression mattress also features UltraFresh antimicrobial protection for the ultimate in mattress hygieneThe 7cm Visco elastic Cool Indigo Memory foam cradles you in the same way as regular memory foam however its very low almost zero visco elastic threshold prevents it from completely moulding around the sleeper which is the major contributing factor to the excessive warmth associated with sleeping on memory foam mattresses for some peopleThe Coolflex indigo impression mattress has been developed for the ultimate in sleep comfort and support By incorporating cutting edge Impression Cool Indigo memory foam you can be assured of all the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam without experiencing any heat discomfort associated with regular visco elastic memory foam Recommended by chiropractors and doctors alike it gives an elastic ability which allows it to conform to your body shape to relieve pressure points across the body This improves blood circulation and improves your sleepSanitised materials are used to provide hypoallergenic and antidust mite properties that makes it a great for allergy and asthma suffersTo provide extra softness and plumpness to the mattress polyester wadding is added into our very high quality double jersey cover where the end results provide a soft and luxury feeling mattress An easy zip off cover that not only has antidust mite properties but can be dry cleaned with ease The mattress is 25cm thick and is delivered vacuum packed The mattress should be unpacked and left to return to its original shape and size before usingFeel safe and assured that you are buying a product that has been manufactured within the UK and conforms to all British fire regulations

Coolflex Indigo Impression Mattress from £404.7 (from MattressNextDay)


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