Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress (£1099.95)

The Octaspring 8500 mattress is the deepest mattress Dormeo produce coming in at 30cm deep The Octaspring 8500 mattress is the softest and most luxurious within the range rated as a soft to medium feel This is due to the 3 layers of OctaspringsThe top layer has memory foam Octasprings that are arranged to form 3 support zones Then on top of these is a 4cm thick layer of memory foam The middle layer has Octasprings that are arranged to form 5 support zones These Octasprings have different densities of foams that way they can give your body more support in the places that are naturally heavier like the torso The bottom layer of Octasprings is designed to give a supportive foundation for the mattress while aiding air flow The design of each Octaspring with its 3dimensional honeycomb shape aids the flow of air through the mattressAs pressure from the bodys movement is applied to the Octasprings they act like bellows expelling air as they are forced down When the pressure is released and the Octasprings goes back to its natural position it draws air back in To aid with the circulation of air throughout the mattress the cover has been designed with mesh sides this helps old air escape and fresh air to be drawn in So unlike standard memory foam mattresses that are made with blocks of foam the Octasprings has its own ventilation system providing a fresh healthy sleeping environmentBecause of the Octaspring structure it can move side to side rotational and up and down Compare this to a standard metal pocket spring that moves only up and down Also with metal springs you always get a resistance when the spring wants to spring backThe memory foam Octasprings have no such resistance creating no pressure points As you can see the Octaspring system is technically superior when compared to standard memory foam mattresses The only decision is which Octaspring mattress suits you Comfort is not just about how hard or soft a mattress is its about how the mattress supports your body enabling proper spinal alignment and providing support for your backThe Dormeo Octaspring mattresses have been so vigorously tested that they are confident to give all mattresses a 5year guarantee followed by a 15year warranty

Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress (£1099.95) (from MattressNextDay)


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