Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress (£809)

The Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress with Dunlopillo latex has the property of instantly moulding to your body contours and also changing throughout the night as your body tosses and turns Dunlopillo latex gives instant pressure relief so that you feel the benefit immediately you lie down in bedThe Dunlopillo new 7 zone latex core provides all the support that your body needs across all areas of the mattress there are softer zone areas where your shoulders and hips are with firmer support for other areas This ensures you enjoy the perfect sleeping posture especially for those who suffer from lumbar discomfort a supportive surface is usually key to helping with a good nights sleepThe breathable latexs open cell promotes constant air circulation Natural movement during the night helps ventilate the mattress and keeps the bed at a constant and comfortable temperatureThe mattress is upholstered in a soft knit cover which has enhanced cooling properties with a moisture management system The soft touch cover with Actipro technology is used in Firmrest mattress fabric to eliminate unwanted allergens reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours helping to encourage a welcoming and refreshing sleep environmentThe Dunlopillo Firmrest mattress is hypoallergenic ensuring dust mites cannot survive on the product maintaining a healthy environment and undisturbed sleepDunlopillo Firmrest mattresses does not require turning but should be rotated top to toe at regular intervals The Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress benefits from an 8 year manufacturer guarantee

Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress (£809) (from MattressNextDay)


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