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Jay-Be Benchmark S3 Memory Fibre Spring Mattress (£179.99)

So much more than just another mattress, the Jay-Be Benchmark S3 Mattress should be at the very top of your shopping list. Why’s that? Glad you asked! Offering incredible support, the Benchmark S3 Memory Fibre Mattress is everything you love about a memory foam mattress only without the foam. The Jay-Be Benchmark Memory Fibre Mattress is crafted with hypoallergenic materials that are sustainable and contain no harmful chemicals, making it a fantastic mattress for both you and the environment.

Sustainability and staying green is at the forefront of all of Jay-Be’s mattresses. Developed from sustainable plastic materials, the comfort layers in Jay-Be’s mattresses are made from e-Fibres and are 100% free of foam. Since switching from foam to e-Fibre, Jay-Be has prevented approximately 70 million plastic bottles from going into the ocean or landfill. All the Jay-Be mattresses are rolled to reduce package size by 70% to reduce carbon emissions during transport. All the packaging is unbleached, 100% recyclable and sustainable!


Jay-Be Benchmark S3 Memory Fibre Spring Mattress from £179.99 (at Happy Beds)



    • Incredibly supportive thanks to its deep e-Spring core, a far more durable and greener spring system
    • Topped with a bespoke memory e-Fibre, a more environmentally friendly alternative to memory foam that offers the same comfort you’d expect
    • Comfort layers of rebound e-Fibre, providing maximum support for all sleepers
    • 100% foam free as well as being free from harmful VOC emissions and nasty chemicals
    • Open cell structure provides optimal temperature regulation, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep no matter the weather
    • Supplied vacuum packed and rolled which helps to reduce package size by 70% whilst ensuring your mattress arrives as fresh as the day it was made



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