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Magniflex Classico Magni 9 (£699.6)

A good nights sleep is essential for your wellbeing Magniflex invests all its experience into providing a quality of sleep essential for your wellbeingby making mattresses that offer comfort and support to help to improve your quality of life Tuscany the land of art and genius The beauty of the landscape and the wealth of nature are an essential part of Magniflexs company culture Each of their ideas is inspired by the Tuscan approach to a healthy lifestyle and its tradition of beautyThe Magniflux Classic Magni mattress is built with a number of memory foams including Memoform Magnifoam Elioform Magnifoam and finished with Super Soft FibreMemory foam has the ability to mould to the shape of your body as you lay on it and therefore provides the correct support for all parts of the body irrespective of the body size and weight The Magniflex Classic Magni is available at a very competitive price for such a supportive and comfortable mattress

Magniflex Classico Magni 9 from £699.6 (from MattressNextDay)


The Deal

  • The deal: Magniflex Classico Magni 9
  • Deal price: £699.6
  • Store price: £839.99
  • Saving: £140.39


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