Memory Pocket Sublime 3000 Mattress (£199.86)

The Memory Pocket Sublime 3000 Mattress presents a remarkably supportive and comfortable sleep surface The mattress boasts 3000 medium pocket springs a 25mm layer of memory foam and generous layers of hypoallergenic fillings It is beautifully tailored in a soft touch natural cover that has a traditional hand tufted finish for additional strength and durabilityThe advantage of hand tufting is it pretensions the mattress by inserting a series of tapes through it at regular intervals and securing them on each side The result is it ensures the fillings are held firmly in place and significantly reduces the possibility of upholstery movement that can cause mattresses to go saggy Within the mattress fillings is a layer of visco elastic memory foam that is designed to be temperature sensitive and soften when it comes into contact with body heatThe memory foam moulds itself to your spinal body shape eliminating pressure points and creating better blood circulation resulting in a more comfortable and peaceful sleep Internally the mattress boasts a pocket spring system Each of the springs are housed in its own cloth sleeve so the load on one spring is not affected by the one neighbouring it ensuring no roll together With their pistonlike motion the pocket springs directly support each part of the sleepers body at the vital point of contact They are not affected by altering weight and body shapes thus allowing the pocket spring mattress to contour perfectly to the shape of your body

Memory Pocket Sublime 3000 Mattress (£199.86) (from MattressNextDay)


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