Nationwide Mattress Disposal (£39.99)

We can take away your old mattressIf you want to do your bit for the environment dispose of your old mattress the right way In the United Kingdom approximately 8 million mattresses end up in landfill sites This has a very damaging impact on the environmentThe Furniture Recycling Group works hard to reduce the many mattresses that are sent to these sites The group separates mattress components which are then given to industries that benefit from these raw materials The steel used for mattress springs or the wool and cotton used as fillings are reprocessed by many different manufacturersRecycling is so easy to do especially when you decide to replace your old mattress with a new one you can recycle your mattress for 3999 When you order a new mattress from us select recycle my old mattress at the checkout Have your old mattress ready on the day youre expecting delivery of the new one and our drivers will take your old mattress away to be recycled Support our nationwide disposal service and recycling programme to keep the environment safe for future generationsRead more about Disposal ServiceWhile we are becoming increasingly aware of how our disposal choices affect the environment unfortunately too many mattresses are being sent to landfill with our planet paying the priceHere at MattressNextDay we are aiming to reverse this harmful habit through mattress recycling we do this using a separation technique which is able to individualise the mattress components and then distribute them as raw materials to industries which can make use of themIts not expensive to make the right choiceFor a price of just 3999 we take your old mattress away for reprocessing and recycling It is a quick hasslefree service which will leave you with the peace of mind that comes with looking after the environment You might also be wondering why you hadnt sought out such a service beforeHow do we do itHow do we ensure that 100 of each mattress we collect is recycled We literally deconstruct the mattress from the outside in It doesnt matter whether it is the cushioning material such as cotton or wool or the steel springs once they come into our hands they will leave with a new purpose These materials can end up being used in everything from cars to home insulation thanks to responsible mattress disposalIts easy to recycle your mattressOld mattress removal for recycling just takes a click Simply tick the recycling option when it comes to selecting any of our mattresses when checking out Then it is just a case of having your old mattress ready for us to collect at the same time we deliver your new mattress Our delivery team will then take the mattress away for reprocessing and recyclingTogether we can look after the UK by reducing the number of mattresses which go to landfill Recycle your mattress with MattressNextDay

Nationwide Mattress Disposal (£39.99) (from MattressNextDay)


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