Nuvola 900 Pocket Sprung Mattress for £120

Antibacterial, anti-mould and hypoallergenic, this spring mattress models and adjusts itself to body temperature and shape

Nuvola 900 Pocket Sprung Mattress
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Nuvola 900 Pocket Sprung Mattress for £120



  • Springs are made of phosphate carbon steel wire
  • Ability to regulate itself thanks to the open cellular structure of the memory foam and thanks to the springs, which favour the passage of air
  • Covered in an allergic, antibacterial and anti-mite fabric, hypoallergenic padding, breathable 3D band
  • Perimeter box in polyurethane foam
  • Modelled according to body heat
  • 450 independent pocket springs (900 in double sizes)
  • Anatomical and sustaining
  • Tested against harmful substances
  • Made in Italy
  • Equipped with four handles for easy maintenance
  • Fresh hemp and linen fabric, treated to be antibacterial, anti-mite and anti-mould
  • With nine zones of differentiated lift
  • Total height: 22cm
  • Memory height: 2cm
  • Padding height: 2cm
  • Lifting plate in memory: 45kg/m3
  • Box system perimeter frame in expanded polyurethane: 30kg/m3
  • Internal structure: pocket springs 450 (single), 900 (double)
  • Type 100% hypoallergenic stuffing
  • External upholstery
  • Highly breathable


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