Refresh Pocket 3000 Mattress for £1,099.99 SPEND £800+ SAVE £100

For highly-responsive support and unrivalled pressure relief look no further than the Refresh pocket 3000. It comes with 3000 superior springs, 1500 traditional pocket springs encased in fabric and 1500 nano pocket springs that mirror natural body movement for 360˚ three-dimensional support.


Today’s Mattresses Deal:

Refresh Pocket 3000 Mattress for £1,099.99 from Bensons for Beds



  • Pocket sprung mattress with eco-foam and latex
  • 3000 pocket springs, including 1500 traditional pocket springs and 1500 nano springs for personalised comfort
  • Firmness rating: Medium
  • Balance latex provides unparalleled body support
  • Tencel™ anti-allergy fabric for enhanced breathability
  • ecoAir foam layer, 30 x more breathable than memory foam
  • Posture Perimeter Plus System for a full sleep surfaceEasy-care non-turn mattress, simply rotate
  • Mattress height: 38cm
  • 10-year guarantee

On top of this, the Posture Perimeter Plus Support System has two rows of extra firm wire pocket springs on the outside, providing edge to edge support for a full sleeping surface and less partner disturbance.

Meanwhile, the Balance Latex ensures improved blood circulation and physical recovery during the night, leaving the sleeper feeling refreshed and energized. It also provides unparalleled body support and maximum pressure distribution, whilst maintaining a healthy sleeps surface that is antibacterial and antifungal. The Tencel™ Fabric, produced by environmentally responsible processes, gives enhanced breathability, efficient moisture absorption, natural FR protection and anti-allergy protection.

This fabric has been Temperature+ treated too, ensuring optimal body temperature throughout the night by regulating moisture to and from the skin’s surface. It also provides anti-allergy protection – the 100% natural fabric offers proven protection against bacteria, fungi and dust-mite allergies. It’s fire-retardant too – and chemical-treatment free.


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