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Relyon Imperial Luxury Ortho 2200 Mattress (£299.95)

This Relyon Imperial Luxury Ortho 2200 Pocket Mattress has 2200 pocket springs to give unequalled support and comfort A layer of luxurious fillings gives you a mattress that will provide all the comfort and support during the night so you wake fully refreshed in the morningThe 2200 pocket springs are mounted in individual cloth pockets and therefore support each part of your body as required As the pocket springs work independently two people sharing the bed will be supported to their own individual requirements Pocket springs also help prevent any roll together or a person tossing and turning on one side of the bed affecting a person sharing the bedThe mattress has luxury fillings of lambs wool cashmere and silk to provide you with all the comfort you need for a luxurious sleepThe mattress has edgetoedge support so that it can be used across its full width It is finished with a Belgium white or creamoyster Damask material with handtufted wool tufts four rows of side stitching together with hand stitched handles and air vents to maintain fresh air flowIf you are looking for luxury in comfort then this mattress will give you all the comfort and luxury you could ever wish for

Relyon Imperial Luxury Ortho 2200 Mattress (£299.95) (from MattressNextDay)


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