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Relyon Memory Contentment Pocket 1200 Mattress (£279.93)

TheRelyon Contentment Pocket 1200 mattress is a excellent quality mattress combining the essential support of 1200 Pocket Springs the contouring effect of Memory Foam This 23cm deep mattress embodies the qualities of both perfectly Memory Foam shapes to the body ensuring a relaxed and comfortable sleeping position while 1200 Pocket Springs provide independent support for all areas of the body The independent support of the pocket springs ensures that they give the correct support to each person sharing the bed They also help to prevent any roll together or disturbance on one side of the bed affecting the person sharing the bedThe Memory Foam shapes to your body ensuring a relaxed sleeping position This again reacts to each individual giving support as neededThere is also a soft fabric Coolmax cover Coolmax is a fabric created to remove moisture away from the body this means that a cooler temperature is retained in the mattress and there is less heat buildup as a result The Memory Contentment is a superb combination mattress of premium quality and is excellent value for money

Relyon Memory Contentment Pocket 1200 Mattress (£279.93) (from MattressNextDay)


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  • The deal: Relyon Memory Contentment Pocket 1200 Mattress
  • Deal price: £279.93
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