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Relyon Memory Pocket Comfort 1050 Mattress (£189.95)

The Relyon Memory Pocket Comfort 1050 Mattress is an expertly crafted UKmade mattress which provides a wonderfully restful nights sleep Providing a level of support classified as softer this mattress is suitable for light to average sized people This product comes rolled and vacuumed for easy transporting and installation once unpacked we recommend waiting 424 hours for it to puff up to its full depth of 20cm before use This Relyon mattress provides the comfortable combination of a 35mm memory foam mattress with a durable Superflex base making it antiallergy and supportive This product is twosided so you can turn and rotate it frequently to ensure continued restful sleeping A micro quilted finish creates a patterned comfort quilt layer True to its name the 1050 pocket springs work in unison to protect every part of your body and neutrally align the spine Each spring is encapsulated in fabric for a quiets night sleep The Coolmax cover keeps you comfortable in the night and helps to reduce moisture making it hygienic and easy to maintain You can even remove this effortlessly for easy cleaning or replacement The memory foam has been coated with a fire retardant spray which may carry a slight odour at first but should disappear within 24 weeks This product comes with a 5year guarantee against material faults and workmanship as well as free 24hour delivery

Relyon Memory Pocket Comfort 1050 Mattress (£189.95) (from MattressNextDay)


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