Sleep Therapy White Noise Sound Machine (£16)

Help your body and mind into a restful slumber with a relaxing white noise sound machine. Both children and adults can find it easier to lull off to sleep when there is some peaceful white noise in the background. Today’s sound machine features nine different sounds to help you fall asleep faster. Whether you prefer the sound of rain, soothing music or simple white noise, they will have the setting for you. The machine comes with a memory function, so when you switch it on, it will automatically play the …
Sleep Therapy White Noise Sound Machine
The deal:

£16 (from Secret Storz) for a sleep therapy white noise sound machine! (from Wowcher)



  • Get a sleep therapy white noise machine.
  • Has nine different sounds to get you to sleep.
  • Choose from ocean, thunder, soothing music, white noise, rain, wind, brook, summer light and bird.
  • Sounds can be played through the speaker or listened to through your own headphones.
  • Options for continuous play setting, or set the in-built timer to finish after 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • The perfect sleeping aid for children or adults.


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