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Sports Therapy Talalay Latex Mattress (£779.94)

The Talalay Sports Therapy Mattress is a worldclass mattress designed for athletes available for everyone Its unique structure relieves tired muscles and releases areas of stress throughout the bodyThe Castellated MultiZone construction gives incredible targeted support working with a luxurious Climate Cool Fabric that enables maximum air circulation The MultiZone Foam systems airflow channels reduce humidity for a deeper nights rest This superior aeration decreases fungal and microbial growth in the mattress core BugGuard technology wards off insects which irritate and infest including dustmites Together these features ensure a cleaner sleeping environmentAn optional comfort layer is included for those who prefer a more cushioned feel Formed from Talalay premium latex the mattress gives medium to firm support Talalay contains a higher proportion of natural latex than other brands and is ideal for those looking to avoid harmful artificial chemicalsThe Sports Therapy Talalay Latex Mattress is 25 centimetres deep and does not require turning

Sports Therapy Talalay Latex Mattress from £779.94 (from MattressNextDay)


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  • The deal: Sports Therapy Talalay Latex Mattress
  • Deal price: £779.94
  • Store price: £949.95
  • Saving: £170.01


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